Utility company SSE has taken delivery of six Vauxhall Ampera range extended electric vehicles (REEVs) from leasing firm Lex Autolease

The Amperas will be included in the SSE pool car fleet at various sites across the UK.

“As the UK’s largest generator of electricity from renewable sources, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We are running the Ampera in our fleet as an electric vehicle that is usable every day and can cope with business needs,” said SSE chief executive Ian Marchant.

REEVs feature a battery pack and electrically driven motors, but add a small “range-extender” engine, which acts as a generator and provides extra power or range when needed.

The Ampera, which first went on sale in the UK in May, has an electric range of 50 miles and a total range of 360 miles. It produces around 27g/km CO2 and costs £32,250 when the government’s plug-in car grant of £5,000 is applied.