Outlook Journal 15 covers key topics

30th March 2023

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In February, IEMA’s Impact Assessment Network published Volume 15 of the Outlook Journal, covering public participation, stakeholder engagement and impact assessment (bit.ly/3Z7qnpv).

Public participation is fundamental to environmental impact assessment (EIA). However, compliance with the basic legislative requirements for consultation is not enough. To be effective, engagement must be carefully planned, tailored to each proposal and IA process, and follow some well-established principles.

The current review of the environmental assessment regimes in England and Northern Ireland, and the potential introduction of Environmental Outcome Reports, gives an opportunity for reflection on the state of practice.

This volume sets out some of these principles, from the ‘why we engage’ question to the how and with whom, and what makes for better good practice engagement on the ground, including use of a wide range of techniques to meet various engagement objectives.

In this edition, guest editor Tanya Burdett draws together eight articles by authors with rich experience in various sectors, including EIA, SEA and many other areas of practice. It provides insights into new and interesting approaches, specific techniques and the current state of engagement practice in the UK and further afield.

Public participation and stakeholder engagement in impact assessment is more important now than ever before as we seek to tackle the climate and nature emergency amid global social and economic upheaval.

Transform articles

Digital EIA: When does the future become the present?

Luke Barrows and Alfie Byron-Grange look at the barriers to adoption of digital environmental impacts assessments

1st June 2023

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Susan Evans and Helen North consider how Environmental Statements can be more accessible and understandable

1st June 2023

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IEMA’s Impact Assessment Network is updating its advice note on non-technical summaries (NTS).

31st May 2023

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Matthew Coe looks at the challenges of securing biodiversity net gain on environmental impact assessment projects

25th May 2023

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Josh Fothergill, FIEMA, CEnv, explores some strategic questions we should all ask of the UK government’s Environmental Outcomes Reports consultation, which are not immediately apparent from reading the consultation itself.

22nd March 2023

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Members of IEMA’s policy team outline the key issues facing sustainability professionals in 2023 and beyond

2nd February 2023

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IEMA has published two new impact assessment guides: 'Effective Scoping of Human Health in Environmental Impact Assessment', and 'Determining Significance for Human Health in Environmental Impact Assessment'.

2nd February 2023

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David Burrows delves into some of the issues with lifecycle assessment – and how brands are misusing results

24th November 2022

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