Norfolk man jailed and given CBO for illegal waste operation

21st September 2022

A Norfolk garage owner who repeatedly ignored Environment Agency warnings about storing end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) and parts has been jailed for six months.

Colin Barnes was ordered to pay costs of £5,000 and handed a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), which sets out a series of legally binding conditions that he must follow to avoid further punishment.

In November 2021, Barnes pleaded guilty to storing ELVs and parts at his premises without an environmental permit. He was given a suspended sentence of 16 weeks, on the condition that he did not commit any further offences. A remediation order was also issued, stating that he must clear the waste from his site by January 2022 or face immediate imprisonment.

Environment Agency officers inspected the site after the remediation order expired and found it had not been cleared; in fact, they uncovered more ELVs and parts, including gearboxes, suspension units and tyres. A CBO was then applied for, which means Barnes must surrender his waste carrier licence and cannot hold or apply for another; register a waste exemption with the Environment Agency; or be involved in the operation of any business under any registered waste exemption. The CBO will remain in force for five years.

Lesley Robertson, leader of the Environment Agency’s East Anglia Area Enforcement Team, said: “Despite the court imposing a suspended custodial sentence and order in November 2021 to remove waste from his site, Mr Barnes continued to store and treat waste illegally without an environmental permit.

“Mr Barnes operated at a commercial advantage, undermining legitimate business”

“Mr Barnes operated at a commercial advantage, undermining legitimate business with little or no regard for the environment or residents. By imposing this prison sentence, CBO and £5,000 costs, the district judge demonstrated how seriously they viewed

Mr Barnes’ activities and behaviour.”

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