New Biodiversity and Natural Capital Member Network

21st September 2022

This month, IEMA is launching a member network focusing on biodiversity and natural capital.

We depend on nature for our businesses and wellbeing, and yet biodiversity is declining more quickly than at any other time in human history.

However, there is action underway. We’ve recently seen a crowd of government initiatives come into existence, such as the 25-Year Environment Plan, the Environment Act, the Nature Recovery Green Paper, biodiversity net gain and the Scotland Biodiversity Strategy. The Task Force for Nature-related Financial Disclosure produced its first draft this year, and it is expected that the UN will produce its new biodiversity targets in December.

IEMA has set up the Biodiversity and Natural Capital Network to help members stay up to date on national (and international) activities, create information-sharing platforms for and between members, and communicate the needs of IEMA members and their organisations to government.

What will the new network do?

The network will be led by Penny Borton, MIEMA CEnv, senior associate director and natural capital lead for Jacobs, and Faye Durkin, AIEMA, head of ecology and regional director for Ecus. They will be supported by a steering group of experts who work across sectors and organisation types.

The network’s activities will include webinars, guidance, case studies, consultation workshops and more.

Who is it for?

It will be for members across all sectors who want to stay up to speed with trends, tools and obligations, and those who work in them. It will work with other IEMA networks, such as those on climate and environmental impact assessment.

How do I find out more?

The Biodiversity and Natural Capital Network is simple to join, and those who do will receive regular updates on network activities. You can sign up for regular information at, and the network email address is [email protected]

“This is a fantastic opportunity to network with other people who are knowledgeable on biodiversity and natural capital, and to help other members become better on this topic”- Sophie Mairesse, PIEMA, biodiversity net gain lead ecologist, Network Rail

“This is a great opportunity for IEMA members who want to be involved in changing the way we value our natural environment”- Jenny Merriman, MIEMA CEnv, technical director, WSP

“IEMA networks provide a safe space to discuss key issues with respected peers, with everyone leaving their badge at the door”- Rebecca McLean, MIEMA CEnv, technical director, environment and sustainability, Sweco

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