The new online Associate entry exam has now been live for almost four months and already several people have taken and passed the assessment.

Interest from within the IEMA membership is strong and an increasing number of people are registering every week to take the exam. A key attraction for those registering is the flexibility to choose the start date for the 28-day period in which they can complete the 2.5-hour exam, giving full control of the exam’s timing to the candidate.

This new flexibility means candidates can use the time before their exam period to prepare and study for the assessment using the free online resources.

Since the online exam was launched on 1 May the study support area on has been viewed more than 2,300 times, demonstrating the usefulness and value of easily accessible downloads and links, and associated webinars.

This includes a webinar for those about to take the exam, presented by the Associate chief examiner, Helen Manns.

Originally broadcast on Friday 29 June, the webinar takes prospective AIEMAs through the recent additions to the standard, offers useful guidance on preparation and registration and demonstrates the style of suitable answers to sample exam questions. The webinar is still available, alongside a wealth of other resources.

If you are planning on taking a step up to Associate membership, then go along to to learn more about the recent additions to the Associate standard and the new online exam.

If you would like to discuss your upgrade options with a member of the IEMA team, then call us on +44 (0)1522 540 069 or email