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3rd May 2019

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Social and community news from IEMA.

Net Impact Approach 2019 Conference

Bringing together those who work in net impact approaches in order to promote and develop best practice

The Net Impact Approach Conference convenes leading experts on measuring and valuing impacts to demonstrate a net zero or positive impact. With around 25 speakers, eight breakout sessions and four plenaries, this year's event will take place on 23 May at 15 Hatfields, London, and runs from 8.15 to 17.30. Offering unparalleled insights and networking, it will cater for everyone – from beginners wanting to find out more to experienced practitioners.

Businesses, investors, government and consumers increasingly recognise that the existing economic model is no longer acting in society's interests. Significant shifts in the way businesses operate are required in order to avert catastrophic outcomes. One shift is the transition from practices that minimise impacts to practices that have a positive impact. Companies and financial institutions are aiming to achieve this by measuring and valuing their impacts, and setting net zero and net positive targets.

The conference will bring together different communities involved in net impact approaches, to: highlight the latest approaches; share and debate best practice; provide case studies on quantifying, valuing and comparing environmental and social business impacts; help drive the movement forward by dealing with key issues; and facilitate collaboration and networking.

The content will cover all approaches that identify, measure, value and compare environmental, social and economic impacts in a business context. Key themes include: getting started; making and building the business case; and links with sustainable finance, sustainable development goals, science-based targets and the circular economy.

To book your ticket, go to IEMA members – enter code IEMA2019_20 for a 20% discount against Advance or Standard rate tickets

What's on this month

Webinar: The psychology of environmentalism: How to be an environmentalist during environmental breakdown

16 May 2019

  • This webinar looks into how people respond to environmental collapse and turn this into positive action. It covers:
  • How to handle the emotions in a time of environmental and ecosystem breakdown
  • What it means to have environmental protection as a purpose
  • Exploring ideas around death and rebirth, cycles of change
  • How we're psychologically and physically connected with nature
  • How best to appeal to other people's inner motivations to inspire them to change
  • What is meant by 'wealth' and 'happiness' and how do the terms apply to environmentalists?

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Evening meet: IEMA Futures – The role sustainable housing can play in mental wellbeing

16 May 2019 Communities are at the heart of sustainability and wellbeing, so with the population ever-growing and living for longer, there is a great need for action in order to face the physical and mental health needs of the individual in a more sustainable future. Our key speaker is professor Rose Gilroy of Newcastle University, a founding member of the Future Homes Alliance – a housing development project guided by sustainability, accessibility and community.

If you're a student, graduate or young professional and have an interest in environment and sustainability issues, this is a great opportunity to engage, learn, and meet with IEMA Futures.

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Conference: Scotland's EIA Conference 2019

23 May 2019 Scotland's environmental impact assessment conference returns, providing an opportunity for the EIA community to assemble and learn from each other's experience. The conference is being delivered as a partnership between Fothergill Training & Consulting, the Scottish government and EIA consultation bodies. It includes up to 120 delegates, with speakers drawn from government, consultancy, local authorities and consultation bodies. There will be an opportunity to explore EIA case law with law firm Brodies, as well as plenary sessions and breakout workshops, enabling opportunities for broad discussion and more focused debate and learning.

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NEW BOOK Releases

Visionary Women: How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters Changed Our World By Andrea Barnet (Ecco Press) March 2019

By Andrea Barnet (Ecco Press) March 2019

The story of four visionaries who shaped the world. Jane Jacobs fought for liveable cities and strong communities, Rachel Carson warned us about poisoning the environment, Jane Goodall demonstrated the kinship between humans and animals, and Alice Waters urged us to reconsider what and how we eat.

The Politics of the Anthropocene

By John S Dryzek and Jonathan Pickering (OUP) Feb 2019 An accessible treatment of how human institutions, practices and principles need to be rethought in response to the challenges of the emerging epoch of human-induced instability in the Earth system. This book envisages a world in which humans are no longer estranged from the Earth system but engage with it in a more productive relationship. The arguments are developed in the context of issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and global efforts to address sustainability.

The Case for Carbon Dividends

By James Boyce (Polity Press) May 2019 We urgently need to curtail our use of fossil fuels – but how can we do so in a just and feasible way? Economist James Boyce shows that the key to solving this conundrum is to put a price on carbon emissions, thereby generating powerful incentives for clean energy. But there is a formidable hurdle: how do we secure broad public support for a policy that increases fuel costs for consumers? Boyce powerfully argues that carbon pricing can only be made just and politically durable if linked to returning the revenue to the public as carbon dividends.

Sustainability Is the New Advantage: Leadership, Change, and the Future of Business

By Peter McAteer (Anthem Press) April 2019 During the last 150 years, we have stressed the oceans, warmed the planet and overextended almost every natural resource. To create real change will require a generation of leaders and businesses that think and act differently. This book identifies the skillsets, best practices and new ideas needed to teach a new generation to start, grow, and manage sustainable organisations.

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Transform articles

Fellows develop thought piece on smart solutions

In 2020, amid the global crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw numerous cross-sector collaborations involving tech companies, aiming to create smart solutions that would amplify positive environmental and social impacts across sectors and organisations – for example in online healthcare or mRNA vaccine platform technology. This led the public health crisis to be referred to as “the digital accelerant of the decade” by US cloud communications platform Twilio.

30th July 2021

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The UK's largest defined benefit (DB) pension schemes have received a letter from the Make My Money Matter campaign urging them to set net-zero emission targets ahead of the COP26 climate summit later this year.

26th July 2021

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New jobs that help drive the UK towards net-zero emissions are set to offer salaries that are almost one-third higher than those in carbon-intensive industries, research suggests.

5th July 2021

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The majority of UK consumers are willing to compromise on online purchases and delivery demands if it creates a more sustainable environment, new research suggests.

9th June 2021

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The UK government's investment plans for green jobs lag far behind those of most G7 countries, potentially undermining its net-zero emissions target, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has warned.

2nd June 2021

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Darren White discusses some of the sustainability issues facing the construction sector

28th May 2021

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Sustainability body IEMA has welcomed the UK government's commitment to a range of environmental ambitions outlined during the Queen's Speech this week.

13th May 2021

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Three environmental campaigners have launched a legal challenge against the UK government over its support for the production of North Sea oil and gas that is only economic because of subsidies, the Paid to Pollute campaign has announced.

13th May 2021

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