IEMA and Deloitte launch new report to help build green skills across UK workforce

28th April 2022

IEMA and Deloitte have today published a new report outlining how organisations can accelerate the development of green skills across the UK's workforce.

A blueprint for green skills workforce transformation, provides practical steps, case studies and a toolkit for leaders, to inform their transition to the green economy.

It comes after YouGov research commissioned for the report’s launch found that 56% of British consumers have never heard of the term ‘green job’, while 64% don’t understand the term ‘green skills’, and 62% don’t understand the difference between green skills and green jobs.

Furthermore, 65% said that they don’t have access to green skills training through their employer.

This is despite 75% of senior sustainability professionals saying that all jobs will require ‘green’ or sustainability skills by 2050, and the UK government's intention to drive the creation of two million green jobs by 2030.

The report addresses the obstacles faced by organisations as they upskill their workforce, and offers solutions to prepare for the low-carbon transition.

Sarah Mukherjee MBE, CEO of IEMA, said: “It is absolutely crucial that we address the climate crisis now. We believe that every job must be greener to tackle our greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a net-zero status by 2050.

“The latest IPCC report highlighted a small window of opportunity to act. We really must help organisations assess the readiness of their staff to participate in the ‘green economy’, and identify the practical steps that can be taken to increase preparedness.

“I am delighted to be working with Deloitte to help businesses adapt and train their workforce in tackling climate change.”

The top five industries for professionals with green skills are environmental services, construction, higher education, renewables and environment and government administration.

Meanwhile, between 2020 and 2021, the industries that experienced the highest growth in green skills specialists were luxury goods and jewellery, the internet, biotechnology, apparel and fashion and investment management.

A survey by Deloitte last year found that two-thirds of UK finance leaders also expect significant or wholesale change in their own business model and operations over the next 10 years as a result of the move to net-zero emissions.

Anne-Marie Malley, managing partner for consulting at Deloitte, said: “It’s clear that across organisations, employees are ready and willing to take time out of their working day to learn about all aspects of sustainability.

“It’s now up to business leaders to ensure they have a plan in place to identify the green skills gaps within their organisations and ensure they have a roadmap to train a diverse team of sustainability professionals that will pioneer the UK’s transition to a green economy.”

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