GHG software: CRedit360

7th October 2013



the environmentalist examines the carbon accounting solution offered by CRedit360

CRedit360 has 10 years’ experience of meeting sustainability challenges. Its sustainability performance management system has 120 clients and 68,000 users across the world.

CRedit360 is CDP accredited and GRI certified. Its system is a managed, web-based data management solution, meaning that CRedit360 hosts and maintains the software, and clients access it via a web browser.

CRedit360 offers a modular system covering all sustainability issues, including energy and carbon, corporate social responsibility, environment, health and safety, compliance and supply chain management. Clients can expand the system over the long term to have a single integrated sustainability platform.

The verdict:

This system is targeted at large corporations and for full sustainability reporting, as well as GHG reporting. It has all the necessary functions, including a tolerance function that highlights anomalies or incorrect data, and property management systems can be uploaded to the program. Attachments can be imported, and data and calculations are exportable. Conversion factors are regularly maintained. The software lends itself well to data analysis and provides a variety of comprehensive graphics. It also contains modules on supply chain, health and safety and compliance, so it’s good for companies wanting to expand reporting to other areas of sustainability. Initial setup appears complicated; however, implementation costs include training.

Reviewers' comments:

“This system caters for companies looking to comprehensively report on sustainability – and for those with dedicated personnel to make full use of the software.”

“Looks complex to use, but it would still be a good contender and may be a better fit for some firms, especially with the additional modules available.”

“For a company seeking an integrated approach to reporting, this is certainly a more suitable system than some others.”

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