IEMA has published its annual report detailing its progress towards it "Vision 2014" during 2011

The IEMA 2011 annual report can now be downloaded from the Institute's website.

The report provides information about IEMA’s performance during 2011 across:

Forewords by the chair of the IEMA board, Adrian Belton, and the Institute’s chief executive, Jan Chmiel, open the report, and focus on the organisation’s key achievements and challenges over the past 12 months against its “Vision 2014” and the Institute’s strategy.

Their overviews state that, while 2011 was a successful year for IEMA in many areas, including raising the Institute’s media profile, influential work in central policy areas and a stable financial position, it was not without difficulties as the recession continued, leading to public sector job losses and contraction of the consultancy sector.

These cutbacks have impacted on IEMA’s member recruitment and retention, but despite those difficulties and changes to the structure and mass of the membership, member figures remained stable and IEMA is in an increasingly strengthened position to support and promote the environment profession.

“In 2011, IEMA made big strides towards its vision,” says Belton. “The IEMA team, supported by a network of volunteers, have shown how relevant the profession is in taking on the challenges faced by all economies and organisations.”

The Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who served on the various member committees during 2011 to oversee our continued growth and success.