Resources and Case Studies

Welcome to the Case Study and Resources page for the World Environment Day Campaign hosted by IEMA and partners. Please find below some interesting Case Studies from various partner organisations who are showcasing their activity in reducing plastic pollution as part of the campaign.


Download our toolkits to get a wealth of ideas for activities, pledges and more information on how you can break up with plastic.


Make your pledge using one of our pledge cards, you can choose which level of pledge you wish to make or make your own! Or if you don’t want to use a pledge card you can use any text you like, just be sure to use the Hashtag #PledgeLessPlastic

Other Resources

Beat Plastic Pollution Presentation - Use this presentation as a tool to educate and empower those in your organisation, community or family on beating plastic pollution.

The waste hierarchy is a useful tool to guide your practices in relation to plastic and how to refuse, reuse and reduce single use plastics. We have one for the household and one for organisations.


We have also partnered with to provide you with other resources to use as part of World Environment Day – these are available here:

Case Studies

We have an array of case studies for you to read about and learn from other people’s experiences, again from both an individual’s perspective to organisations who have implemented projects to reduce plastic. If you would like to contribute your own case study, please download and return the Case Study Form

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