World Environment Day 2018

Make a pledge this World Environment Day and commit to reducing harmful plastics using #PledgeLessPlastic and be part of IEMA partnership to help beat plastic pollution

“If we continue business as usual, by 2050 there could be more plastics than fish in the ocean (by weight)” The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

IEMA is pleased to be using the power of partnership to launch a campaign to help “Beat Plastic Pollution” on  World Environment Day, which is hosted by the United Nations. We want our members to make a pledge using #PledgeLessPlastic as either an individual or an organisation to reduce single use plastics. We would also like you to educate and empower others to make pledges either through our communications kit, or by hosting activities to engage the wider workforce or members of the public.  


Whether you are just starting out in your journey to reduce single use plastic or you want to take the next step to impact the use of plastics, there is a pledge and activity for you. To give you the support you need to help us promote World Environment Day and join  our campaign for pledges and activities we have put together a wealth of resources for you to use.  

Click HERE to access the resources and case study page which host the following documents:

  • Case Studies - both organisational and individual
  • Toolkits - which include activity ideas and information on single use plastic
  • Pledge Cards - to download and use on social media and make your pledge
  • Communication Templates - to use within your organisation / social media to help spread the pledge
  • Other resources such as the “Plastic Presentation” and “Waste Hierarchy”

What Next?


  1. Download the relevant toolkit
  2. Plan a World Environment Day activity*
  3. Spread the Pledge using activities, email or social media
  4. #PledgeLessPlastic on any social media platform before or on World Environment Day

*If you are not able to host an activity, you can still spread the pledge and make your own pledge using any social media platform.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact

Power of Partnerships

This project  is to promote World Environment Day and  has been developed by a partnership collaboration of IEMA Corporate Members Society, of the Environment and and hosted by IEMA. Special thanks to the following Corporate Members and partners for their support.

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