Upskill your organisation

We’re transforming the world to sustainability.

As the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, we’re working to make our businesses and organisations future-proof. Through our global sustainability standards and partnerships, we are driving understanding and uptake of crucial skills that will keep the world of business in business.

The world is changing – fast. Right now, only 13% of organisations say they have the right skills on board to survive as part of the new, sustainable economy.

These are the few strongest businesses; they’re resilient against threats because they have a skilled workforce of experts ready to tackle challenges and create change. Is your business part of the visionary 13%? If not, upskilling your team is the key to transforming your organisation’s potential and profit. And with IEMA, the global alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, you can access structured support, training and opportunities for you, your fellow leaders, in-house experts and front line staff.

Routes to IEMA membership

Upskilling doesn’t just happen. You need to embed the right culture of learning and development to unlock the maximum potential of your team and your organisation. IEMA approved training courses set the standard for professional development for anyone working in an environment and sustainability role. Take a look at the routes to IEMA membership here:

Routes to IEMA Training Infographic

Get The Knowledge, Get Membership and Get On

We know that anyone with environment and sustainability responsibilities not only needs the right training to make an impact, but also the right on-going support. That’s why our two newest courses have been specially designed to rapidly upskill you, your team or even your whole organisation, and provide the full benefits of IEMA Professional Membership for long-term guidance and updates. The new Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management and Certificate in Environmental Management are both new for 2017, and our Approved Training Providers will be rolling out full details of dates and venues in the coming weeks (you can already find early dates for the Foundation Certificate here). But first, here’s a quick tour of both new courses.



Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

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Certificate in Environmental Management

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Stay connected

If you want to keep up-to-date with the profession without studying for professional recognition, then Affiliate membership of IEMA allows you to tap into a wealth of information and expertise, while connecting your work with the world’s largest network of environment and sustainability professionals. Join today!

Get Started on Your Journey

IEMA’s Individual Membership Journey is the ideal starting point for upskilling team members. From Affiliate to Fellow, each membership type offers relevant, current support and learning. And when paired with the IEMA Skills Map [link to skills map], it’s crystal clear how you can build organisational capability, layer on layer.

Now more than ever, the world’s sustainability professionals must work together. As a combined force we’ll influence the big decisions and mobilise the resources necessary to reshape the future on a global scale. Membership of IEMA is about belonging, and the power of partnership. Whether you’re starting out in a career in environment and sustainability, or putting a vision into practice, IEMA membership is a way to reach those you need to work with, to open up opportunities, get the support you need and be recognised for all you achieve. 


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