Royal Charter

IEMA’s Royal Charter Application

We are working to transform the world to sustainability. That’s a huge ambition, and the journey towards our goal requires courage and collaboration all the way. It means taking brave steps to make changes that will help us get closer to our collective goal. That’s why we’re aiming to achieve a Royal Charter; we know this is a key to unlocking new levels of influence and international reach, and enhanced membership value. Being a member of a Chartered Body will boost understanding, recognition and respect for all you do, right across the globe and the time is right to make the move. Members have recognised that Chartership is vital to our future and their personal career paths, and clearly signalled their support.

On 15th May 2018, members voted overwhelmingly in favour of IEMA’s ambition to achieve a Royal Charter, with 99.29% of all votes cast in support of our goal. With such a confident and definite result, we have been able to officially begin petitioning for Chartership. This is a very exciting prospect for IEMA and the entire environment and sustainability profession. We want to thank every member who voted for getting involved and for their enthusiasm, contribution and support.

Right now, we are going through the official petition process with the Privy Council. We expect a decision over the coming months and will keep members updated throughout the summer and beyond.

If you have any questions about IEMA's journey towards Chartership get in touch any time.

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