Reviewing our CoP

Have Your Say in IEMA’s Code of Conduct Review

IEMA and all our members have a critical and ambitious job to do: to transform the world to sustainability.

Together, we must work to catalyse the transformation needed to truly create a sustainable future. Collectively, it means we need to amass all our collective passion, knowledge and influence to do what’s needed at every level of business, and in every section of society. Individually, it requires all of us to work towards sustainability every single day to the very best of our professional ability.

What does it mean?

IEMA membership is the conscience of the profession, so it’s important that everyone knows and understands what you, as an IEMA member, stand for. Our Code of Conduct sets out how we behave as part of this profession and what others should expect from us.

The code helps us to make the right decisions, and act ethically when we need to resolve the conflicting interests of organisations, environment and society. Abiding by the Code is a condition of IEMA membership and along with the CPD policy and your professional qualifications, gives employers, clients and the public complete confidence in your competence, your professionalism and your integrity.

Have your say

Working with IEMA’s Professional Standards Committee we are reviewing the Code to ensure it is robust and future-fit – and we want your help. We need to know:

  • do you agree with the 6 statements that comprise the draft code?
  • do you agree with the examples provided to illustrate what each section of the code means in practice?
  • do you feel there are any gaps in the draft code or the examples used to illustrate the code?
  • What you want to call it - a code of conduct or code of practice?

We’re also looking for examples of professional or ethical dilemmas that you’ve faced or witnessed in the workplace. Have you used the existing Code of Conduct? Give us your thoughts on how it helped you address your problem(s), and if you think the guidance could be strengthened in any way.



Download the full Draft Code of Professional Conduct HERE


Timeline for Reviewing the Draft Code of Professional Conduct




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