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3 October 2017

Brexit and Beyond: Environmental Principles to Guide a Sustainable Future

IEMA’s new guiding principles for protecting and enhancing UK’s environment following withdrawal from Europe published today

26 September 2017

IEMA Reports 8% Growth in Global ISO 14001 Data

Certificate league table just released shows the UK holds fast to 4th place in list of most certificates per country

7 September 2017

EU Withdrawal Bill Inadequate to Deliver Gove's "Green Brexit", Say Experts

IEMA, as part of the Environmental Policy Forum, warns of environmental risks around the Great Repeal Bill

1 September 2017

IEMA's New Membership Magazine Launches Today

Read Issue 1 of Transform here

24 August 2017

IEMA's Magazine Has Transformed

The name and focus of IEMA’s brand new membership magazine has just been revealed.

21 July 2017

IEMA urges Government to support a “stronger, more prosperous, and more sustainable future” by embracing a zero carbon economy

IEMA has teamed up with leading businesses and investors to call on the Prime Minister today, urging the UK government to raise ambition to tackle climate change and show leadership towards a stronger, more prosperous and sustainable economy.

18 July 2017

IEMA Declares “Call to Arms” on Delivering More Proportionate EIA

“Delivering Proportionate EIA - A Collaborative Strategy for Enhancing UK Practice” report launched today to modernise practice and tackle the EIA “obesity crisis”

9 June 2017

New Government “Raises Significant Challenges” Says IEMA

IEMA reacts to the outcome of the UK General Election

2 June 2017

Profession Overwhelmingly Unhappy with Poor Coverage of Sustainability in Election Campaign

9 in 10 say environment and sustainability concerns have been too low down the agenda and absent issues during debates and in manifestos

1 June 2017

Trump’s “Deplorable and Reckless” Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement Challenged by IEMA

USA leaving Paris Climate Accord “flies in the face of scientific evidence”

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