IEMA reacts to news that mandatory carbon reporting set to be extended to all large UK businesses from 2019.

As the UK Government announces that it will roll out a streamlined energy and carbon reporting to all large companies from April 2019, experts at IEMA have voiced their support.

Following an extensive consultation, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has today (Wednesday 18th July 2019) indicated that all large businesses will be required to publically report their energy use, performance, and emissions data. They will join listed organisations who have been mandated to report their carbon performance since 2013. Energy and Clean Growth Minister Clare Perry said today that the new requirements are expected to result a 20% boost for energy efficiency by 2030, and support overall economic growth.

IEMA has been working on this issue since 2009 and contributed extensive research to the initial mandatory carbon reporting consultation in 2012. More recently, IEMA worked with UK members to generate a considered response to the consultation which concluded in January 2018.

With almost a decade of campaigning for mandatory carbon reporting to be placed on all large businesses, an IEMA spokesman said this afternoon that the Institute’s members will be very happy with the outcome:

The Government’s commitment towards a reporting requirement for all large businesses is a significant step forward,” said Policy Lead Nick Blyth. “Mandatory reporting will support improved energy management and provide a helpful level playing field for businesses. We are reviewing today’s response with interest, and are very pleased to see some of our central recommendations adopted. We will continue to support BEIS with professional evidence on the important contribution of mandatory reporting, and offer practical support and guidance,” said Blyth.

IEMA has been recognised and thanked for its input into the 2017/18 consultation in the introduction to the response document. IEMA hosted a series of workshops with Energy professionals from its membership in England, Scotland and Wales in Autumn 2017.

Click here to read the BEIS full consultation response.