As the Committee on Climate Change published its 2015 progress report to parliament, the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) has supported the Committee’s main calls to action. At the same time, the institute urges Government to continue its action to demonstrate domestic and international leadership on climate change issues.

In the lead up to the General Election, IEMA polled its Members to explore the Environment & Sustainability profession’s views on climate change and energy policies. IEMA found that 91% of its Members agree that the new Government will need to work hard to strengthen its leadership and commitment on domestic and international climate change issues. Headline results from the poll (which gained 833 responses) were supportive of today’s call by the Committee for continuing commitment by the UK Government including:

· 92% of IEMA professionals agree the UK Government needs to strengthen its commitment and investment in relation to future climate risks (e.g. in flood risk management and in broader climate change adaptation).

· Support is strong for the UK to lead by example and continue the current plans to halve 1990 carbon and GHG emissions by 2027 (83% saying current carbon targets were either suitably ambitious or under ambitious).

IEMA’s Lead on Climate Change Nick Blyth said today that: “collectively our results demonstrate a professional urgency on climate change that is particularly supportive of today’s headline findings from the Committee”.

Nick Blyth believes the strength of feeling from the profession on climate and energy issues reflects the need for continued ambitious political momentum: “There is an undoubted need and support for continuing strong domestic action and UK international commitments. IEMA members are making a strong call for renewed political climate leadership from the UK Government. IEMA will look to engage constructively with the Government, working with our members to present critical evidence and experience from front line climate change professionals.”