IEMA's CEO Tim Balcon has revealed his ambition and approach to leading IEMA in the latest issue of the environmentalist .

Published today, the interview introduces Balcon to members for the first time since his appointment in April. In this article, he addresses his desire to reset some of IEMA's foundations, get all members engaged with IEMA's aims and enable all members to be seen as "champions”.

We do some fantastic stuff here and it is up to me to get that message out. But first and foremost, I want to concentrate on our members,” he said. “To me, what is fascinating about IEMA is the breadth of skills and expertise within the membership. It is phenomenal to have all of that in one place. Here is where the environmental leaders are and I fully intend to see them recognised as champions.”

Tim’s core message from his first IEMA interview is reassuringly clear: members should soon expect to feel a real ownership, empowerment and clarity about where IEMA is going: “What members will see is a more engaging and more dynamic organisation. I want our members to feel a buzz about being a part of what IEMA is about and is achieving.”

To read the full interview, either:

  • Turn to page 32 of the June environmentalist as soon as your copy arrives;
  • Read the article online here (please note you will need to be logged into using your log-in to access this and other content).

Please keep checking, future issues of the environmentalist and IEMA Downloaded for details of engagement opportunities throughout 2013.