The May 2013 issue of the environmentalist magazine is on its way to you.

If you cannot wait for your printed copy to reach you this week, you can download this month's magazine here.

Issue 138 includes the usual news, interviews, briefings and these fascinating features

  • Living up to expectations - The UK’s most environmentally-aware MPs assess the “greenest government”
  • In shale we trust - Paul Suff talks to the head of Cuadrilla about its plans for fracking in the UK
  • Turbines or carbon capture? - Experts debate if subsides for renewables are undermining support for CCS
  • Cool running - Learn how Nottingham Trent University is slashing data centre energy use
  • All aboard - Top tips from Penny Walker on how to engage staff with water effi ciency
  • Is it good to share? - Seb Beloe reveals how investors are using the data in sustainability reports
  • Viva la revolución - Mark Everard celebrates a shift in attitudes towards the value of ecosystems

This month's IEMA updates include:

  • New CEO joins IEMA
  • Changes to membership fees
  • Policy update Nick Blyth describes new guidance on mandatory GHG reporting
  • Building climate resilience – new guide from IEMA on developing the business case
  • IEMA approves new training providers