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Issue 118 includes the usual news, interviews, briefings, IEMA updates and these fascinating features.

  • Follow the leader

    Paul Suff talks to senior sustainability professionals to discover what their role demands, and the skills and knowledge they need to succeed
  • 14006: the new standard in design

    UK experts Martin Charter and Vic Clements on the fundamentals of ISO 14006, the new international standard for eco design
  • Carbon labels - a help or a hindrance?

    Lucy Yates from Consumer Focus and the Carbon Trust's Harry Morrison discuss the pros and cons of labels revealing a product's CO2 emissions
  • Cutting Co2 by degrees

    The UK's higher education sector has to cut its emissions by 43% against 2005 levels. the environmentalist finds out how Lancaster University is doing
  • Distance no object

    Robert Wiseman Dairies is piloting innovative software to cut down on faceto-face meetings, saving money and reducing emissions. Paul Suff reports
  • The essential foundations

    Paul Reeve continues his journey through the syllabus of the IEMA Associate certificate by looking at the essentials of environment management

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Issue 118 Sept 2011 the environmentalist