Click to find details of IEMA's recent media presence, commenting on Government's latest move on GHG reporting.

Last week, on Monday 11th May, Government announced that it was consulting on how reporting on GHG emissions should be implemented and how many companies should take part in the scheme.

IEMA warmly" welcomed" the move as part of its ongoing activity around the GHG issue and responded by publically backing the consultation in the media.

"UK plc is at a turning point with environmental reporting, with the right support from Government we can move GHG reporting into the mainstream and turn this into a business opportunity by helping companies to reduce costs and improve their competitiveness." said Martin Baxter, IEMA's Executive Director - Policy.

As a result of IEMA's dedication to helping the media to accurately understand and report on the GHG issue , several media channels have picked up on IEMA's response to this new consultation over the past two weeks. International news service Bloomberg carried the story complete with quote from Martin Baxter as a leading authority on this topic. Links to some of the other online articles are below.

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Futher activity is ongoing and members will be kept up-to-date via the website.