On Friday 9th April, Jan Chmiel (Chief Executive of IEMA), will be on The Guardian's webchat panel to clarify the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme for practitioners. Post your questions today!

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme officially began on 1st April, making it now mandatory for relevant organisations to register or make an information disclosure.

Organisations with at least one half hourly electricity meter will have to register for the scheme with the Environment Agency before September. Those that used at least 6,000MW-h of electricity in 2008 will have to report their energy use and enter the trading scheme.

Although the scheme has been in development for many months, there are still many practitioners within business who are unclear about the scheme. As part of IEMA's role as the the premier body for environmental professionals, IEMA will be answering some of these questions.

IEMA, in association with the Environment Agency, will be taking part in The Guardian's live Q&A webchat on Friday 9th April between midday and 2pm. Practitioners who want to know the specifics of the scheme can submit queries to be answered by a panel of private and public sector representatives involved in the CRC including Jan Chmiel, Chief Executive of IEMA.

To access the live Q&A and post your questions about the CRC, simply visit The Guardian Webchat page and click on 'Post a comment'.

Highlights from the webchat will be featured in Issue 96 of 'the environmentalist' and May's issue of IEMA Downloaded.