The 2010 Toyota Prius has been awarded Car of the Year by WhatGreenCar. The 2010 Prius was chosen from a shortlist of 10 green car finalists and the judging was independently conducted by WhatGreenCar. Dr Ben Lane, Managing Editor of WhatGreenCar said: "While we were impressed by the latest technology on all 10 models on the shortlist, we were unanimous in our acclaim for the 2010 Prius. In addition to the new model's outstanding environmental rating, we particularly like the way the car seamlessly integrates green features as part of its design. This encourages a smooth stress-free driving style, improves fuel economy and drives down emissions. If Apple made a car, it would probably be the 2010 Prius." With a lighter and more and compact power-train, the third-generation Prius has a fuel economy of 51/48 mpg (City/Highway) and test carbon dioxide emissions of 127g/km, which represents a 5% improvement over the highly successful multi-award-winning 2009 model.