A new report commissioned by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Climate Action Network (CAN) and WWF Europe highlights the significant health benefits to be gained by meeting internationally recommended targets on climate change.

The findings demonstrate that if the European Union were to raise its target on greenhouse gas emissions from the current 20% to 30% in line with recommendations of the IPCC, the additional health savings from control of non-greenhouse gases (fine particles, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide) would amount to between 6.5 and 25 billion Euros per year.

This calculation is based on economic evaluations of reduced loss of life and health due to cleaner air associated with climate change policy, as well as savings to industry from reduced loss of working days and to governments from reduced costs to health services.

The report also mentions other co-benefits of a higher target on climate change action, such as the protection of forests, water supplies and biodiversity.