An IEMA supporter is in the top 5 of a competition to find the Greenest Person on the Planet.

IEMA supporter, Matthias Gelber, who helped to develop BS 8555 through his leadership in the Acorn Project, is one of the 5 finalists in this global contest to discover the greenest person on the planet.

Canadian environmental website launched the competition on Earth Day of this year.

Voting is now in its 3rd and final round where the world has voted for the Top 5 candidates from the original entrants. In round 1, more than 600 applicants applied from over 25 countries.

This year, the winner will receive a pod of beluga whales adopted on their behalf from the Defenders of Wildlife.

You can watch Matthias' Video on YouTube at and support him with your vote, to be registered by the end of August 2008, at .

All at the IEMA wish Matthias the best of luck.