Five-star hotels in the UAE are producing twice as much CO2 compared to similar hotels in Europe, according to an award-winning study on hotel carbon emissions. The study, undertaken by Dubai-based facilities management company Farnek Avireal, found that on average, a 5-star hotel in Dubai produces 6,500 tonnes of CO2 annually, while a similar hotel in Europe produces only 3,000 tonnes a year. Furthermore, Dubai hotels on average consume between 275 to 325kw/h of power per guest, compared to 100kw/h per guest in a similar hotel in Germany, a difference of 225 per cent. Farnek Avireal will use FM Expo from 8-10 June in Dubai to drive home the message that while energy wastage is a big problem in the UAE, companys can reduce energy consumption and achieve substantial cost savings with energy efficient cooling systems. "The combined output of CO2 from Dubai's 300 hotels is approximately 500,000kg," said Markus Avireal, the company's general manager.