A new report has suggested that working from home could help to minimise carbon emissions and tackle the issue of global warming in the process. The study, which was commissioned by technology firms Giritech and BT Conferencing and carried out by researchers at Oxford University, concluded that cutting out the daily commute can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. However, it also discovered that while more workers are willing to work from home, the opportunity to do so is not always available due to poor provision of relevant IT equipment and services, reports Onrec.com. "By enabling people to work at home some or all of the time through the provision of collaborative technology, the impact on the environment can be significant," commented Aaron McCormack, chief executive of BT Conferencing. Today (May 18th) is National Work From Home Day, which is part of a campaign spearheaded by smarter working organisation Work Wise UK to promote the benefits of flexible working practices.