In early 2006, the London Climate Change Partnership commissioned the consultants acclimatise, to review how other major international cities are managing climate risks.

The aim of this review was to: provide the London Climate Change Partnership with international case studies for climate change adaptation; and inform the formation of climate adaptation planning policies for London, especially the Further Alterations to the London Plan.

Some major international cities are beginning to prepare for climate change, and some are dealing with climatic conditions today that London will experience in the coming decades. The London Climate Change Partnership wants to ensure that London can learn from good practice in these cities on how to cope with climate risks.

The review examined 18 cities, to understand how they are addressing the following climate risks, which are expected to intensify in London over the coming decades due to climate change: flooding, high temperatures, limited water resources.

The primary audiences for this report are London’s policy-makers and decision-makers, including the members of the London Climate Change Partnership, the Mayor of London, the Greater London Authority (GLA), government departments, the London Boroughs, developers, utilities, their regulators and decision-makers in other cities.