The evidence of dangerous climate change, as regularly reported in your newspaper, is becoming ever more stark. The devastating impacts that this could have on developing nations should encourage us all to step up our efforts, as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, rightly said yesterday. As a government, we recognise that we have a leadership role in responding to this. We have played that role very successfully. I am immensely proud of the action that the UK has taken, internationally and at home. The Government's Climate Change Programme, launched yesterday, sets out our future leadership plans. It will keep Britain at the forefront of action to tackle climate change. It sets out an ambitious plan to secure global agreement for action to stabilise the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions that we need to meet this challenge. It also outlines measures that will affect all the major sectors and sources of emissions in the UK. And last but not least it will enable individuals to do more to reduce their emissions. Action at all three levels is essential. We will press on with them all.