The majority of European citizens would prefer EU level decision making on energy policy, over national energy policies. Forty seven per cent of Europeans see European leadership as the most appropriate compared to national (37 per cent) or local (8 per cent) decision making. These are the results of the Eurobarometer survey, �Attitudes towards energy' , announced by EU energy chief Andris Piebalgs. There is also strong demand for more active promotion by governments of the efficient use of energy, particularly regarding practical issues such as how to save energy and the use of new forms of energy at home. In their purchasing decisions, European consumers seem to pay a lot of attention to the energy consumed by cars or household equipment. Changing energy use still generates a certain level of reluctance when it involves financial effort. Twenty seven per cent of Europeans are prepared to pay more for renewable energy, provided the price increase is not more than five per cent. Fifty four per cent of Europeans are not prepared to pay more for renewable energy at all. However more than 5 out of 10 Europeans seem to be willing to reduce their energy consumption and five per cent would make this change even if it implies paying more.