Improving the investment environment to encourage enterprises to invest in business and production expansion is one of the major measures the Government will adopt to carry out its socio-economic development tasks, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said at an informal press gathering at the National Assembly session.

He said the Government will invest in developing infrastructure only, and it is the enterprises, including family businesses, that will bring about GDP growth and agro-industrial development through their investment. The deputy prime minister laid emphasis on project site clearance, saying although the work is difficult, it is important as a resource and prerequisite for development.

"We haven’t fully tapped other sources of capital through intermediary financial channels, funds and the stock exchange," he said, pointing out that trade on the stock market now accounts for 2-3% of the GDP. Mr Dung said the government wants to expand the stock market, revealing that foreign companies are likely to be allowed to participate in it. He also referred to the local authorities' role in making the investment environment more attractive, saying their prompt actions in solving enterprises' problems are very important because the enterprise's smooth operation testifies to a good investment environment.