During World Water Week in Stockholm 21 � 27 August 2005 we will informally launch the report "From the Mountain to the Tap: How Land Use and Water Management can Work for the Rural Poor" which summarises research commissioned by the tropical Forestry Research Programme of the UK Department for International Development.

The potential implications of the results from this 4-year multi-country collaboration in Costa Rica, South Africa, Tanzania, Grenada and India are immense as they contradict current tree-planting policies and environmental beliefs.

Trees, if planted in water scarce environments, may reduce dry season flows and therefore worsen the living conditions of the poor. The research results point to the need for water managers and policy makers to base decisions on tree planting schemes on scientific evidence appropriate for the site.

Unless there is urgent action, the looming water crisis will aggravate, and leave the most vulnerable – the rural and urban poor populations – ever more disadvantaged. To receive additional information on the booklet and the research that contributed to it, contact FRP Senior Administrator, Mrs. Katelijne Rothschild-van Look, via email at k.rothschild@nrint.co.uk.

More information about the Forestry Research Programme is available at www.frp.uk.com. The World Water Week includes the Stockholm Water Symposium; topical plenary sessions and panel debates; scientific workshops; independently organised seminars and side events; exhibitions and festive prize ceremonies. Participants in Stockholm are experts from ca 100 countries and representing the business, civil society, governmental, inter-governmental, science and water management sectors. Topics in Stockholm cover a wide range of water- and development-related issues.