Fuel-guzzling sports utility vehicles came under the microscope on Friday as the European Commission unveiled proposals aimed at drastically cutting vehicle-pollution emissions. As part of the package, which could enter force in 2008, the commission said it wanted to stop SUVs being considered as commercial vehicles, which allows them to escape tougher emission controls because of their weight. "I dont see why these cars shouldn't be treated as any other passenger cars, meaning being subject to the same tight rules in the future," commission spokesman Gregor Kreuzhuber told journalists. "We want to close the loophole," added Kreuzhuber, spokesman for enterprise and industry commissioner Guenter Verheugen. The proposals include cutting particulate emissions by 80 percent and reducing nitrogen oxides by 20 percent on diesel vehicles, and reducing nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions from petrol cars by 25 percent. "They are ambitious, in environmental terms, but they are achievable," said Kreuzhuber. The package has been published, notably on the Internet, for public debate and the commission plans to table final proposals in December. "The new emission limits will open the way to cleaner cars. This is good for the health of our citizens and the environment," Verheugen said in a statement. "Industry gets a clear perspective and the time to prepare to produce clean, high-quality cars without endangering its competitiveness. This is the only road to future success," he said.