Following a meeting in Brussels on 14 June, Chinese Environment Minister Xie Zhenhua and Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas say they will co-operate on environmental issues including air pollution, biodiversity and climate.

EU-China co-operation was termed "excellent" by Environment Commissioner Dimas while Chinese Environment Minister Xie Zhenhua said they had reached a "consensus" on environmental issues at a press briefing on 14 June. Co-operation areas highlighted by Dimas include air pollution, bio-diversity and climate change.

On climate change, Xie said his country is already planning energy-efficiency measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the coming decade and is putting renewable energies in place (wind, solar, biomass).

Asked if China would at some point be prepared to subscribe to binding GHG reduction targets, Xie showed some openness, outlining the "collective shared responsibility to reduce emissions".

However, he added there is "still some time to go" before 2012. "We will decide after other countries implement" the Kyoto Protocol, he said.