Friends of the Earth has attacked the Labour and Conservative parties for practically ignoring climate change during the general election campaign so far, despite recent acknowledgments by both Tony Blair and Michael Howard that the issue is one of the biggest threats we face. Both have previously promised leadership to tackle it. Friends of the Earth also highlighted how the Liberal Democrats own specific policy choices have recently undermined their broader commitments on climate change. Today is Earth Day and Friends of the Earth is marking it by urging the parties to do more to raise the issue of global warming.

Friends of the Earth's director, Tony Juniper said, "Labour and the Conservatives agree that climate change is one of the biggest threats we face and have promised leadership on the issue. Global warming will be at the top of the agenda during the G8 summit at Gleneagles this summer. But neither party has put any effort into raising the issue during the election. This conspiracy of silence does neither party any credit. Urgent decisions must soon be taken on transport, energy and industrial policy if the UK its carbon dioxide reduction targets. Our political parties must move the debate away from the margins to drive home the urgency of the situation."