SRI World Group, Inc., a leading provider of corporate sustainability reporting solutions, today announced the second generation of OneReport - [external__blank::] - with the launch of three new reporting options. This global electronic reporting network enables companies to systematically collect and manage their social, environmental, economic, and governance data and distribute this data to research and rating agencies, the financial community, and other stakeholders.

"We've made significant upgrades to OneReport based on feedback from our corporate members," according to Jay Falk, President of SRI World Group. "We also expanded OneReport to include three new reporting options that provide a wider range of features, functions, and pricing to meet the diverse needs of companies," he added.

The new OneReport options include:

OneReport FreeNet - a limited, free reporting system primarily for publicly traded companies that are reporting for the first time

OneReport Pro - an entry level reporting system that enables companies to report their sustainability data to multiple data users simultaneously

OneReport Corporate - a powerful, customizable, multi-user reporting system that features workflow management tools, a document library, audit functions, and more.

"OneReport provides an innovative and easy-to-use tool for centralizing critical company information with respect to corporate social responsibility performance," said Ron Nielsen, Director of Sustainability at Alcan, Inc.
"OneReport offers our company the ability to better assess our reporting requirements, streamline the internal information gathering process, and report in a comprehensive and organized manner," according to Nielsen.

The hallmark of OneReport is its cooperation with 22 research and rating agencies from around the world. These organizations have signed agreements to accept data directly from OneReport, eliminating the need for redundant sustainability surveys and other ad hoc data collection methods. This allows companies to report their data in one system and have the data distributed in standardized formats to multiple research and rating agencies and other data users simultaneously.

"OneReport is a key link in the value chain of CSR and sustainability information flowing from companies through research firms to investors,"
according to Thomas Kuh, Senior Vice President at KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., a Boston-based independent investment research firm.

In addition to reporting to research and rating agencies, OneReport can be used to create reports based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The tools featured in OneReport help companies understand the scope of GRI reporting and identify data that can be included in their GRI report. AccountAbility's AA1000 Assurance Standard provides the basis for additional functionality that assists users in determining the extent and quality of assurance of the data.