During this webinar we looked at an overview of the #BS8950 Standard with key tools & assessment methods for #socialvalue & recommendations on the challenges & opportunities from Standard author Jeremy Nicholls and Sophie Stephens from Balfour Beatty. .

In March, the British Standards Institute (BSI) launched the draft version of BS 8950 – Guide to enhancing social value’.

The Guide focuses on the role of organisations in understanding, preserving and enhancing social value.

During this webinar session attendees gained:

- An overview of the key findings of the standard by the author of the standard;

- Understanding of the key tools and assessment methods to help determine and account for social value;

- Practical recommendations from industry experts on the challenges and opportunities to measure and enhance social value.

Speakers included:

• Jeremy Nicholls, Non Executive Director of Social Value International, Author of BS 8950

• Sophie Stephens (PIEMA), Head of Social Value & Sustainability (UK), Balfour Beatty

This webinar counts for 1 hour of CPD, so don’t forget to add it to your IEMA CPD Portal. This can be accessed through your member account on iema.net.


Impact of Social Value: British Standard 8950: Recommendations on how sustainability professionals can enhance social value, Webinar slides - M, Jourdan, IEMA - CLICK HERE

BS 8950 Understanding and enhancing Social Value - J, Nicholls, BSI - CLICK HERE

Social Value: an industry perspective - S, Stephens, Balfour Beatty - CLICK HERE