The UK resources and waste sector employs a workforce of more than 150,000 people, with an estimated 600,000 or more jobs existing in wider circular economy activities such as reuse, repair, leasing and other related activities.

During this webinar we reviewed whether policy strategies such as the UK Resources Sector Deal (which builds on the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy), can provide a long-term framework for businesses handling waste, championing innovation and growth opportunities to design out waste in all relevant sectors and capture and utilise all remaining recoverable resources in support of a green recovery for the UK.

Attendees will gain:

  • An overview of the sector deal;
  • An understanding of the vulnerabilities of the Resources and Waste Strategy and the deal itself;
  • Insight on the role of the resources and waste sector in helping deliver a green recovery and net zero carbon for other sectors;
  • An overview of the lessons learnt/recommendations since the Covid-19 outbreak and how this will impact the transition to a circular economy.


  • Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK;
  • Andy Whyle (FIEMA, Chair of the IEMA Circular Economy Network steering group), Environment and Sustainability Specialist, Ricoh UK Products Ltd;
  • Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK;
  • Roger Morton, Managing Director Technology and Innovation, EMR Group.

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Circular Economy in Practice - #BuildBackBetter - How the UK resources and waste sector can deliver a green recovery, Webinar slides - M, Jourdan - IEMA, A, Read - SUEZ, A, Whyle - Ricoh UK, S, Hayward-Higham - SUEZ and R, Morton - EMR Group - CLICK HERE