This webinar, part of IEMA’s “Adapting to COVID-19” series, outlines changes to UKAS policy on accreditation and conformity assessment during the coronavirus pandemic and explores the challenges being faced by businesses to maintain ISO 14001 accredited certification.

For many organisations, ISO 14001 is a contractual requirement and maintaining accredited certification is essential. At a time of restricted travel, home working and large parts of society and the economy in turmoil, what arrangements are in place to support organisations and what can be expected from certification bodies?

Sunny Pawar, Group Environment and Sustainability Manager at First Group plc outlined the challenges being faced in the transport sector, where commercial and public-sector contacts require ISO 14001 certification.

Jeff Ruddle, Strategic Development Director at UKAS, explained policy changes UKAS is introducing to surveillance audits and certificate renewal assessments which will guide certification bodies’ work with organisations.

Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor hosted a Q&A discussion with Sunny and Jeff to address questions and queries from IEMA members.


IEMA Webinar slides - CLICK HERE

COVID-19: UKAS policy on Assessment - J,Ruddle, UKAS - CLICK HERE