The total revenue of the global financial services sector in 2011 was roughly $11 trillion. The OECD estimates that this means that financial services comprise nearly 20% of the global economy.

As highlighted in the IEMA Guide on Sustainable Finance, the magnitude of these investments, the activities of this sector and the related professional services industry influence all other sectors through the requirements that are attached to receiving financial services and products in their many forms. These activities can either support unsustainable practices or they can be directed towards products and services that have a positive environmental and social impact.

The proposed EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy (the Taxonomy) is a tool to help investors understand whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable.

During this session, we look to understand how the Taxonomy and its implications concern not only the financial sector, but will have broad effects across various sectors for sustainability professionals.

This is an opportunity to:

Learn about the key areas considered, including climate change mitigation and adaptation; Understand how the Taxonomy is also linked to the other regulatory initiatives regarding sustainable finance (including an EU Green Bond Standard, low-carbon benchmarks and corporate disclosures) and will impact the work of environment and sustainability professionals.

Speakers include:

Nathan Fabian, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Principles for Responsible Investment; Adrian Barnes (FIEMA), Senior Manager, Green Impact Advisory at Green Investment Group.

This webinar is perfect for you if you work in sustainability and wish to get actively involved with the finance sector and related professional services.

This webinar counts for 1 hour of CPD, so don’t forget to add it to your IEMA CPD Portal. This can be accessed through your member account on


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