18 April 2019

Read how IEMA member Laura transferred her passion to profession after gaining IEMA's accreditation

Read how taking IEMA’S Certificate in Environmental Management has helped Laura gain the required recognition to land her perfect job championing sustainability and what changes she has implemented to gain her the accolade of Responsible Property Management Sustainability Champion 2018

11 September 2018

Why do we need Codes of Conduct?

Why are professional codes of conduct still needed in the 21st century? Is it just about compliance, or are there times when we really need systems like this in place to fall back on? Claire Kirk discusses – from her professional and personal perspective – how the IEMA Code of Professional Conduct helps her give good advice and carry out her role.

5 September 2018

Professional standards - it’s all about trust

The Chair of IEMA’s Professional Standards Committee talks about the relevance, value and importance of professional trust, and how IEMA’s new Code of Professional Conduct provides crucial guidance at a critical stage in the institute’s history.

3 April 2018

Ditching the disconnect: how can we push values to the forefront of the sustainability profession?

The focus on heavy corporate language speaks solely to the head, not the heart. Yet the art of storytelling in business can create a far greater catalyst for change and is far more interesting, exciting, and (if done properly) magical.

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