Environment and Sustainability professionals face many challenges during the current health crisis ranging from the immediate term issues of performing daily roles and progressing the environment and sustainability goals within the organisation; to the long term future of the profession as business, society and the economy start to rebuild in the wake of the global impact of COVID-19.

Staying abreast of the key guidance from our national regulators and Government departments can help to ensure that you are able to position environment and sustainability at the heart of this recovery.



The Environment Agency

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Natural Resources Wales

Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Whilst the above is not an exhaustive list of the resources available, we hope it provides a useful starting point for helping to build the resilience needed. If you have any other links or sites that you think other businesses need to know about please let us know at marketing@iema.net so we can ensure they are added to this page.