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From 4pm on Tuesday 2nd May, we’re powering up a new system that will help drive improvements to your membership. While we’re doing that, there will be some temporary disruption to iema.net log-in - just for a few days to ensure it all goes smoothly. You will still be able to join online and log-in to MyIEMA to reach all your member-only features. Online payments for renewals and the facility for updating your details will be out of action for a few days. So if you need to do either of these things, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0)1522 540069 or e-mail info@iema.net and let us take care of the admin.

Policy Horizon

Climate Change and Energy

Climate Change mitigation, adaptation and energy management are central challenges for IEMA members. Environment and sustainability professionals are making a vital contribution within businesses, organisations and communities. IEMA is committed to working with our members, supporting their work on the urgency, strategic need and on the business case for action. 

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The prevention and control of pollution (air, land and water) is a longstanding critical work area for many IEMA members. It is also the most regulated environmental topic within IEMA’s policy horizon scanning.

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Natural Environment

Environment and sustainability professionals are active in valuing nature, understanding ecosystem services and in addressing long term biodiversity loss. 

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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability is a cross disciplinary corporate values based approach for identifying and responding to critical risks, opportunities and dependencies faced by organisations and stakeholders

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Environmental Management

Environmental management can extend far beyond day to day direct operational activities, reaching up into organisational strategy; stretching back into global supply chains; and unravelling the traditional ways products have been designed, used and disposed of. 

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Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment (IA) is an environment and sustainability discipline that ensures environmental and social issues influence the decision processes that lead to the adoption of public policies and plans and the consenting of public and private development projects.

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Resource Management

Sustainable resource management is a central passion of the environment and sustainability professional, catalysing the development of a circular economy, designing out waste and managing the economic, reputational, social and environmental risks of sourcing, using and cycling material resources is a core theme for IEMA and the future of society.

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