Portrait photograph of Nick Blyth

Nick Blyth, FIEMA, CEnv

Policy & Engagement Lead - IEMA

Nick is IEMA's Policy and Practice lead on climate change, natural environment and Corporate Sustainability. An IEMA fellow, Chartered Environmentalist and registered Environmental Auditor, Nick has worked in senior and management roles in the public sector, environmental consultancy and for UK NGOs.

Nick collaborates with leading stakeholders, working with Government departments, supporting advisory groups, engaging partners and in developing new UK and International Standards. He works closely with members in the IEMA Climate Change and Energy Network and with Corporate Sustainability professionals on critical challenges (including former Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers, GACSO). Nick helped pioneer UK principles for Biodiversity Net-Gain (2016), worked with BEIS on ESOS (2014) and consultation and development of Streamlined Energy and Carbon reporting (2018). His work involves close engagement with IEMA members, drawing on their experience to inform new policy, standards and guidance. Nick is also the Chair of ISO's Climate Change Coordination Task Force and Convenor for ISO14068, a newly developing International Standard on Carbon neutrality and related net-zero terms.

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