Portrait photograph of Juhi Shareef

Juhi Shareef

Chief Responsibility Officer at Tourism Holdings Limited

As Co-Founder of Project:Moonshot, that launched the Māori doughnut ‘te takarangi’, Juhi Shareef and the Moonshot team are currently mapping regenerative and circular projects around Aotearoa NZ on the Moonshot Map: www.projectmoonshot.city.

Juhi Shareef is Chief Responsibility Officer at Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) where she oversees the global strategies for risk, sustainability, and health, safety and wellbeing (www.thlonline.com)

Juhi initiated and chaired the Battery Industry Group (www.big.org.nz) from 2019 to 2022. B.I.G. designed a product stewardship scheme for large batteries that supports the circular economy, and conceptualised a blockchain-based digital battery passport that tracks batteries and components through multiple lives and owners to ensure they are properly managed at end of life.

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