Portrait photograph of Ian Bamford

Ian Bamford

Non Executive Director - University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing

Ian is an experienced business leader, consultant and entrepreneur with extensive experience and a track record of business development and growth. He has provided leadership in a range of organisations including SMEs, Multinationals, and Universities.

He is the Commercial Director at the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at the University of Cambridge where he deploys his experience in the management of local and multi-centre research operations. He specialises in the commercialisation of research outputs and has worked with academic researchers to create dozens of robust tools for businesses in many manufacturing sectors. Over the past 10 years he has worked with over 400 companies including Major Multinationals, SMEs and start-ups.

He has recent and current experience in the Industrial Sustainability, Information Technology and Services sectors. Ian provides leadership and consulting business experience in strategy, operational marketing, strategic change management, channel and key account management and business development. He has successfully led strategic change initiatives with a range of companies.

In the past 2 years he has set up and led the UK’s leading accelerator program for start-ups in the Agri-tech and Food sectors. He is also running multiple programs including; supporting sustainable chemical start-ups in Singapore, reducing carbon impact in the global tea sector, embedding locally based environmental and social sustainability in major UK retailers, converting textile and beach plastic waste into new products with local entrepreneurs in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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