Portrait photograph of Dave Stanley

Dave Stanley, FIEMA, CEnv

Director - E3 Ltd

Dave advises and supports organisations seeking to improve their environmental awareness and performance and progress towards more sustainable operations. He delivers briefings, seminars and workshops on most aspects of sustainability.

He has delivered a wide range of sustainability projects producing both innovative integrated solutions addressing the key issues of food & land management, transport systems, buildings/estate and “green” procurement. Clients have ranged from Government Departments, Isle of Man Government, leading property developer, leading food retailer, environmental NGOs, SMEs.

Experienced in sustainability policy development and environmental auditing, and seasoned in the management of diverse projects delivering effective solutions that are energy and resource use efficient, whilst enhancing organizational competitiveness and credibility.

Lecturer at the National School of Government and at various universities presenting on sustainable development and government policy appraisal, and environmental management of estates, premises, buildings, facilities and procurement.

Promotes the critical importance of whole life (cyclical) thinking in the sustainable management of systems, products, land and food as a delivery mechanism for mitigating Climate Change and ecosystem enhancement

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