Latest ISO 14001 Data Shows Global Growth

Significant Growth in Businesses Using Environmental Management Systems

Posted on Oct 19, 2016

Data just released on the uptake of the international Environmental Management Systems standard ISO 14001 shows that the number of certificates issued worldwide has grown 8% over the last year. The worldwide total of accredited ISO 14001 certificates now stands at 319,324.

IEMA can report that the data published this week by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) shows a year-on-year increase of over 25,000 certificates between 2014 and 2015. ISO 14001 is the worlds most used environmental management standard, and globally the second most used standard used by companies to manage performance, with certifications in 201 countries. The data on global uptake of ISO 14001 comes one year after a revised version of the standard was published following a three year review process. Take up of ISO 14001 more than doubles the average 3% increase in the number of all ISO certificates issued in 2015.

The UK has held its position as fourth in the global league table with 17,824 certificates, behind China (114,303), Italy (22,350) and Japan (26,069).

Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor and the UK’s appointed expert to the ISO’s environmental management systems committee, says: “8% annual growth in ISO 14001 accredited certification shows that environmental management systems remain a key business performance tool for improving performance.  This is particularly important as companies transition to the new EMS standard, which raises the bar on the expectations it sets for how organisations manage their environmental performance, and will lead to a positive outcome for businesses around the world.”

ISO’s full survey data on the standard is available to view here.

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  1. Glyn Stanning:
    Nov 12, 2016 at 12:23 PM

    Would be interested to understand where the reference to 201 countries come from ? The datasheet for 'all countries' shows 197 countries and as we all know the UN membership is 193 and the USA recognises 195 independent states and around 71 dependencies so country reference can be vague. Can you please point me at the reference to 201 countries?

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