Practitioner (PIEMA)


At the heart of IEMA is a community of professional experts working to make the future better. 

Practitioner membership makes you part of this community. It recognises everything you’re doing to help make business future-proof while giving you the practical support you need. We can help you deliver on your sustainability goals, with information best practice and tools to put you ahead on ideas and innovation. You can also get the training you need to increase your knowledge and skills in the field. You can expect to build your influence and connect with others like you across IEMA, as part of the Practitioner community.

What is it?

The benchmark for environment and sustainability professionals with sleeves rolled up; membership for the working experts who are driving change.

Who’s it for?

Professionals who are working across organisations at an operational level, and pursuing a career path in environment and sustainability. You’re likely to be:

  • delivering and improving sustainability in organisations, projects, products and services
  • working within defined policy or regulatory contexts
  • supporting the development of the overall body of environment and sustainability knowledge

What do you get?

  • The in-demand PIEMA suffix on your CV, in an industry needing experienced practitioners.
  • Access to a wealth of practical guidance, advice, case studies and discussions to build your knowledge base.
  • The opportunity to present your own achievements to all IEMA members, as a case study in one of our industry-leading webinars.
  • 24/7 access to industry news from Transform magazine’s archive, to help you tackle every workplace challenge – with the latest edition sent direct to work or home every month.
  • The chance to get involved in events taking place in your region – either as a presenter or a delegate.
  • A way to meet other members who care about the same things – face-to-face at an event or through our online networks.
  • Involvement in industry-defining surveys and consultations.
  • Direct one-to-one mentoring to help you achieve MIEMA status.

How do you get it?

Show us what you’ve achieved in the workplace and what you've learnt in your role, through an online professional assessment, which we’ll guide you through. 


Application form CLICK HERE

Where on the journey?

Practitioner membership is open to anyone with the right competencies. It makes a natural step from Graduate or Associate membership and is a recognised route towards Full IEMA membership.

And for your organisation…

the confidence that your employees are equipped, connected, fully up-to-date and in touch with learning opportunities that will help them deliver your sustainability programmes.

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