You’ve got your degree under your belt and you know what you want to achieve. Now’s the time to hone your sustainability skills and expand your knowledge with our leading tools, guidance, and resources to help you thrive.

Sustainability skills are the key to cultivating change in every business. Build and nurture them with IEMA: expand your knowledge, broaden your awareness and tackle the complex challenges of compliance. Membership gives you the tools to do your job better and smarter. As a member of IEMA, you’ll get practical help via online resources, events and webinars and can boost your impact with tailored training and access to invaluable networks.Join today. It’s game-changing.


Becoming an IEMA Graduate is a decisive first step towards a transformational role in business. On the way you’ll encounter new opportunities, deepen your knowledge and build relationships to last a lifetime. You’ll gain recognition and earning potential too. We’re ready to guide and support you all the way. Because by working together, we have a chance to reset the norms of business and uncover the way to a bright future for everyone. 

View the IEMA Sustainability Skills Map HERE

How to achieve

  • Proof of graduation
  • Sustainability content within degree

How much does it cost?

£75 Application fee and year 1 membership fee

£125 Annual renewal fee


Graduate Membership

It’s easy to join. Tell us about you and your plans. You’ll need proof of your graduation from an approved or relevant degree or programme.

If you have graduated from a relevant degree in the last 3 years you will be eligible for Graduate Membership. For your degree to support your eligibility you will need to have studied a significant level of sustainability content.


You will need to confirm that your course covered 3 or more of the following criteria: 

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